Monday, June 22, 2009

i had a wierd feeling the saturday before cider got sick that something was about to happen. it was sunny,warn and everyone in the house was happy. my mother-in-law was visiting for the day and was feeling great,husband was home and kids not giving trouble and honey and cider made me happier than i can ever remember. it wasn't anything special,just the way they loved me and i loved them.cider sat on the couch with me and honey at my feet,like always.but i knew in my heart that something was about to change. never in a million years did i expect cider to die before honey. it was such a shock and very hard to take. honey never ate a decent meal after that. i cooked her faves but slowly ,gradually she refused all food and eventually water .she died about two months later. she became so sick she refused to come into the house and lived in the garage. i would leave the doors open so she could feel like she was outside.every night she would get sick and every morning wouldn't look at me until it was cleaned up. i have never known of a dog with such dignity and grace. they were both wonderful,loving companions and deeply missed. i look back on it as the most special time in my life, when i had them both here.i am blessed.

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